The committee is delighted to offer a full day workshop in advance of the main forum. This will also be held at the Clarion Hotel Energy on Tuesday 15th September.

Please book early as places are limited.

Fluids Design and Formation Damage Mitigation to Enhance Well Productivity

This course is intended for industry professionals who wish to develop or expand their knowledge of formation damage and how optimum productivity and injectivity can be assured.

The workshop will be delivered by Mike Byrne of Lloyd’s Register and Allan Twynam of Ridge AS.

Limited number of places will be available.

Workshop Pass


kr2,250 – kr2,025 ex. VAT

Early bird rate until 22 June, 10% discount

Registration option covers catering for the day

Note that costs are paid in NOK and subject to local tax


This independent course provides participants with a unique insight into formation damage through the practical integration of regional, core, well and drilling data. Theory and principles are reinforced by the extensive use of real field examples from throughout the world.

The course aims to demystify the subject of formation damage and promote a formation damage awareness culture, encouraging participants to challenge convention and think about the implications of damage throughout a field or well life cycle – from drilling to abandonment.


  • how to identify the geological controls on formation damage
  • how to evaluate well history to identify potential formation damage
  • how to design laboratory tests to measure and identify damage and stimulation
  • what the principal damage mechanisms are and how they can be avoided, minimised and removed
  • what different types of damage occur during drilling, completion, workover, stimulation and injection
  • what additional issues need to be considered when downhole sand control is employed
  • how to scale up from laboratory to well and reservoir scale